Volvo launches program for long-distance coaches

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Volvo Buses has introduced a new program for long-distance coaches.

Volvo Buses is introducing a new range of buses for tourist and line-haul operations.

“This is a historic step, the biggest renewal of our European coach range for more than 20 years,” Håkan Agnevall, president of Volvo Buses, said in a news release. “I’m convinced that our customers and their passengers will appreciate the result.”

The new Volvo Buses range of vehicles for tourist and line-haul operations includes two models — the luxury model Volvo 9900 and the Volvo 9700.

Inside the coach, the design team attached considerable importance to both visual and tactile quality, according to the release.

“We have been determined to create a modern, functional, friendly and inviting overall impression with strong character,” Dan Frykholm, design director Volvo Buses, said in the release.

The new 9000 range uses technology that makes it one of the safest coach ranges on the market, according to the release.

Both the Volvo 9700 and the Volvo 9900 have active and passive safety features. Among the new features are more frontal impact protection (FIP) and a Driver Alert system that monitors the bus’s movements and issues alerts if the driver is tired or not concentrating on the road.

“We aspire to be our customers’ best business partner, with a firm focus on lifecycle cost, uptime, and reliability. With our all-new, modern coaches and flexible services we offer a highly competitive holistic value proposition to the market. Simply put, we make it easier for our customers to provide an excellent service and make money,” said Agnevall.