Leadership Washington County Class 31

Courtesy Charles Cvijanovich
Pictured, from front left: Lauren Pogue, Susan Cvijanovich, Karen Webber, Tim Luipersbeck, Leslie Baker, Shirley Baker and Kim Bowen. Second row, from left: Jerred Brown, Chuck Kaslavage, Georgia Smith, Autumn Brown, Kylie Johnson, Shana Ruff, Nicki Maynard, Shannon Kraushaar, Theresa Shank, Doug Massey and Aaron Howell. Third row, from left: Mary Teal Medina, Ryan Sellers, Stacy Henson, Bill Swartz, Joseph Deinlein, Raegon Clutz Jr., Lt. Rebecca Fetchu, Sara Abshari, David Nathans, Mary Ellis Bowman, Stefani Wood, Joseph Anderton, Nancy Motherway, Alex Samuel and Morgan Plummer. Not pictured: Wendy Haislip, Angela Shubert and Michael Weiss.


Leadership Washington County marked the graduation of Class 31 on June 8 at Fountain Head Country Club in Hagerstown. The class completed a 10-month course that exposed them to different aspects of the community. The class raised money to give the first ever Business and Economic Development Grants to The Maryland Theatre ($1,500) and the Washington County Arts Council ($1,750).