Waynesboro company marketing posture-enhancing backpack

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Active Life Solutions, based in Waynesboro, Pa., has partnered with Swedish Posture, to bring the Posture Vertical Backpack to the U.S.

WAYNESBORO, Pa. — Active Life Solutions has partnered with a Swedish company to bring a posture-enhancing backback to the United States.

The Posture Vertical Backpack, billed as the world’s first posture-enhancing backpack, was a successful 2017 Kickstarter campaign, according to a news release from Active Life.

Active Life Solutions, based in Waynesboro, Pa., has partnered with Swedish Posture to introduce American consumers to the product.

The designing company, Swedish Posture, is based in Stockholm. It distributes posture-correcting devices, with an emphasis on activating and strengthening core muscles as opposed to braces that hold consumers in place.

The company also has developed products that contribute to improved posture, active sitting, and low intensity training. Its products work as routine reminders that stimulate muscle tissue, strengthening muscles over time and improving overall posture.

Active Life Solutions, a company based in e-commerce, aims to import products from around the world and continues to experience sales growth as new products are introduced on its website, ActiveLifeUSA.com.

The company consists of a team of physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, personal trainers, pharmacists, and pharmacologists that thoroughly evaluate, test and select innovative products from around the world.