‘Another piece to the biggest puzzle’

By Mike Lewis
Tyler Kolb, the new branch manager of United Bank’s Spring Mills, W.Va., office, enjoys unsweet tea with a shot of Equal at his office.

Coffee Break

Tyler Kolb, new branch manager at United Bank in Spring Mills

SPRING MILLS, W.Va. — Tyler Kolb has been a member of the Berkeley County, W.Va., business community for years, but his new job has him looking at that community from a different angle.

Kolb was recently promoted to branch manager of United Bank’s Spring Mills location, near Interstate 81 in West Virginia. Kolb, who previously served as a senior trainer, will oversee the profitability of the location, hire and coach employees and promote the bank’s products and services.

“I say I was born (which I was) and raised here in Martinsburg, W.Va., for the important years, however I did live in upstate New York until I was 13 and moved back to Martinsburg,” he wrote in an email.

A 2009 graduate of Hedgesville High School, he received bachelor’s degrees in business administration and economics from Shepherd University in 2013.

Kolb said he picked up valuable experience at his first job with the Martinsburg Chick-fil-A. He started in April 2007, when he was 16 years old, and worked his way up through the course of more than eight years, eventually serving four years as operations director.

He joined United Bank in November 2015 as a sales and service representative. He later served as corporate trainer before becoming branch manager.

Kolb is a member of the Berkeley County Chamber, Rotary International, Leadership Berkeley and a business partner with Spring Mills High School.

He also has a big date on his calendar.

“I will be getting married this year to my wonderful fiancée, Ana Lopez, in July,” he wrote.

On a break, is it coffee, tea, soda, water … ?

Depends on the season. Right now it is unsweet tea with a shot of Equal. However a glass of homemade sweetened iced tea will always hit the spot.

An average day for you includes … ?

Banking is what you make of it. I’m in this type of work to help each and every person I may come in contact with. Our customers all have a variety of needs. Some are just opening their very first account, and others are looking to turn their assets into investments. My goal every day is to make a customer’s life just a little easier.

How have your previous experiences prepared you for your new role at the bank?

I owe a huge thank you to Chick-fil-A. A lot of people see Chick-fil-A as a fast-food restaurant, however, it really is so much more than that. It comes down to the individuals that Chick-fil-A chooses to employ. Kendra DeOms, the owner/operator of the Martinsburg location, is one of those individuals. A college degree is one thing, however the hands-on experience of operating a business, leadership and business development, that is where you really learn. I traveled across the nation serving Chick-fil-A Inc. meeting a large number of people and learning something new every day. Chick-fil-A and the two years at United Bank have taught me how to serve others, and I think that is the key to success.

What are some of your biggest opportunities and challenges in 2018?

How can I give more, learn more and be more? Biggest challenge — personal growth. I am always in competition with myself. I’m still young with a lot to learn. Every day is just another piece to the biggest puzzle of all, life. Every failure is a learning opportunity, and every success is a small win.

Outside of work, what are your ambitions and aspirations?

I am always looking for my next adventure. I love to travel. Now that I have someone to share life with, I just want to travel more and see the world — see different cultures, experience new foods and make lasting memories. In my free time when I cannot travel, I’m generally playing some organized sport, whether it is playing in the Washington County Flag Football League, church softball or just playing pick-up basketball throughout the week. And maybe a winery or two with my financée.

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