Adventure Park USA launches new VR attraction

MONROVIA, Md. — Adventure Park USA recently unveiled a fully immersive attraction, Hologate Virtual Reality.

Hologate VR will join the collection of games, rides and attractions that make up Maryland’s largest family entertainment center.

Hologate VR offers guests a chance to experience futuristic, interactive gaming while immersed in a new dimension of thrill, according to a news release. With the HTC Vive headset, players will be transported into a new reality, and users can move about in the virtual world just as they are in the physical world.

Originally from Germany, Hologate VR is starting to make waves on the games circuit in the United States.

This four-person target game is the first of its kind in Maryland and allows guests to choose between different types of game play including a player versus player in a free-for-all style perfect for the competitive types and co-op style (cooperative), according to the news release. The co-op team match pits challengers against a whole host of minions, robots and even a dragon.

This game features a fully immersive sensory experience and boasts a 90fps (frames per second rate), ensuring that even those who generally suffer from motion sickness will be able to enjoy the futuristic world without worry, according to the release. To experience Hologate, all guests have to do is put on the high-end VR headsets and pick up their VR blaster.

A game of Hologate costs $8 per person. Adventure Park USA currently offers 3-hour time play passes for the other indoor attractions, has seasonal promotions and special events. For more information, visit www.

Adventure Park USA is a pay-as-you-play facility, with no parking fees, on West Baldwin Road in Monrovia, Md., just outside of Frederick.