‘The day’s schedule changes like waves in the ocean’

Jay Day enjoys wearing sandals and sipping some water from his mug at his downtown Frederick Office.

Jay Day of The Day Home Team

Jay Day was born and raised in Baltimore, graduating from Mount St. Joseph High School. He studied at Western Maryland College, now known as McDaniel College, in Westminster, Md., with a focus on psychology. As a student, he worked as a behavioral therapist doing one-on-one behavior modification with autistic children. He also worked in sales, selling service for Erol’s Internet.

After graduation he moved to Montgomery County, Md. He advanced with Erol’s Internet, assisting with the operations of all sales kiosks. After Erols Internet was purchased and became Starpower Communications, he was promoted again and began running the telephony side of the business. While at Starpower, he held multiple positions and moved office locations from Washington, D.C., to Prince George’s County, Md.

During this time, he purchased his first home in Frederick, Md., and the family grew with the birth of a son and a daughter. When his father’s health began to decline, the Days made the decision to be closer to him, selling their home in Frederick and building in Carroll County.

“When it became clear my father’s health would not improve and he would not live much longer, I started to think more about my own life and decisions to that point,” Day wrote in an email. “I had been successful in the corporate world, however that line of work was not fulfilling to me. After my father passed away I realized I wanted to do something that I was passionate about, something that could bring joy to others. I desired to help people in one of the biggest stages of their lives — when they need to buy or sell a home. It was time to take the plunge, I gave my notice at Starpower and began my career in real estate.”

He started by working with another agent, handling his buyer sales. After about a year, he decided to go out on his own and from there built Jay Day and The Day Home Team.

“I was recently remarried, and in addition to being my ally at home, my wife serves as the sales manager for our company,” Day wrote. “She, along with a small team of focused employees and contractors, share my vision for this business. We love serving our clients and work tirelessly to help them through the home buying or selling process.”


On a break, is it coffee, tea, soda, water … ?


An average day for you includes … ?

In real estate, the day’s schedule changes like waves in the ocean. I assist the administrative staff, create marketing ideas, work with our sales team and make sure our client’s needs are always the top priority.

What have been the biggest opportunities and challenges in the real estate market this year?

The market has improved and with the values back from the boom, people are starting to hit a point where they can actually sell again in most cases. On the selling side, I would say the biggest challenge is when we have clients that need to sell (rather than want to) and we have to show them that the numbers do not support their ability to sell. For the buyer side, the challenge is low inventory and with interest rates being low, buyers do not have as much time to pause and think about a home. If they take their time, the homes sell. This makes them have to make decisions quickly, which can be stressful.

How have your previous experiences prepared you for your current job?

When I worked with autistic children and their parents, my goal was to help their children hit milestones and achievements in life. When they hit obstacles, we would talk though them, make a plan and overcome the challenges. I think that experience helped shape the way I assist my clients. I love helping others meet their goals, and being in this role, I am able to help guide people through the sometimes challenging process of attaining the most expensive thing they will ever purchase.

Outside of work, what are your ambitions and aspirations?

I am passionate about helping others and making a difference in people’s lives. We are committed to helping our community, spending time outside of work assisting multiple charities. St. Jude, Christmas Cash for Kids, and The Patty Pollatos Fund are among some of the organizations that are close to my heart. I also enjoy traveling and seeing the world.

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