Notes and quotes

Comments and items seen and overheard around the region last month:

An $86 million integration

FREDERICK, Md. — A routine check of deed transfers turned up a big number in Frederick County, Md.

To be precise, it was $86,257,240. The paperwork transferred properties at 630 Solarex Court, 636 Solarex Court and 660 Medimmune Court from MedImmune LLC to AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals in July.

The big number doesn’t mean a big external change, according to an email from AstraZeneca.

“I did want to clarify that the recent transaction was purely logistical, and it doesn’t change AstraZeneca’s existing presence in Frederick,” wrote Alexandra Engel, director of media relations. “The recent deed transfer was simply an operational step in our efforts to integrate MedImmune as part of the AstraZeneca group.”

MedImmune is the worldwide biologics research and development arm of AstraZeneca.

An entrepreneur’s ‘heart’

“You need to make sure that (your business passion) is your heart. And if it is your heart, you’re not going to take ‘no’ for an answer.”

— Margie Yeager, owner of Pura Vida Coffee in Hagerstown, talking about overcoming fears. She was a panelist during the recent Minority and Women-owned Business Conference in Hagerstown.

The top 10

The top 10 employers in Franklin County, Pa.:

1. Summit Health: 3,360

2. Letterkenny Army Depot: 3,150

3. Chambersburg Area School District: 1,120

4. Manitowoc Crane Group/Grove Crane: 950

5. Volvo Construction Equipment: 850

6. Procter & Gamble Northeast Mixing Center: 750

7. Franklin County Government: 670

8. Target Distribution Center No. 589: 590

9. Food Lion Inc.: 520

10. World Kitchen LLC: 510

‘Play scared’

“Now I’m smarter. I know to play scared. … There’s never enough money in reserve. There’s never enough money in the emergency fund.”

— Jocelyn Melton, president and chief executive officer of Baxter Group Inc. of Chambersburg, on what she learned during a business slump. She was a panelist during the recent Minority and Women-owned Business Conference in Hagerstown.

Tourism numbers

Washington County, Md., lodging establishments paid a total of $205,463 in hotel/motel taxes in June, according to the most recent figures released by the county. That’s down from $212,032 in June 2016. For the 2016-17 fiscal year, the tax revenue totaled $2,019,223, down from the 2015-16 figure of $2,053,756.

— Compiled by Mike Lewis