‘The day’s schedule changes like waves in the ocean’

“When it became clear my father’s health would not improve and he would not live much longer, I started to think more about my own life and decisions to that point,” said Jay Day, who built Jay Day and The Day Home Team in Frederick. […]

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Reaping the benefits: Farms just the start of area ag economy

The agriculture dollar starts down on the farm, but it’s hard to say where it ends up and how many times it multiplies along the way. […]

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Dairy farmers face market challenges

Brooks Long said he’s been “bred into” life as a dairy farmer, so he’s accustomed to the roller coaster rise and fall of milk prices.
That doesn’t make the ride any easier. […]

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Brewing up business: It takes more than good beer to be a good craft brewer

The nationwide craft beer boom shows no signs of going flat, and the Crossroads area is part of that tide.

“I didn’t think it would happen as quickly as it did,” Bill Skomski Sr. of Antietam Brewery said of his company’s progress. “We really fell into the right place at the right time.” […]

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Cyber security mistakes you might be making

In a business world that depends upon computers, the new can be scary.

In September, Equifax reported that 143 million people might have had their personal data exposed because of computer hackers.

That story got a lot of attention, but it wasn’t the only sobering cyber news.

Also in September, researchers from Symantec, a security company, found evidence that hundreds of power grid sites in the United States, Switzerland and Turkey and Switzerland had been hit in a hacking campaign. In June, ransomware attacks hit major global firms from British advertising agency WPP to FedEx.

With that in mind, Crossroads Business Journal asked some local tech companies for advice on keeping companies safe. […]

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