Celebrating your business

Thanks for perusing the first edition of the Crossroads Business Journal.

Our aim, as stated on the front page, is simple: To celebrate the vibrant businesses and industries in our region — roughly from Winchester, Va., to Shippensburg, Pa., and from Cumberland, Md., to Frederick, Md.

Those are diverse and distinct communities, of course, with economic strengths and challenges of their own. But they are linked by critical connections, not least of which are interstate highways. […]

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Logistics and transportation: Natural partners

A military force will not survive long if it extends beyond the reach of its supply chain. Likewise, transportation is the lynchpin for all material goods, and very few business models are able to flourish without a solid transportation plan to deliver raw materials and finished products.

Therefore, today’s professional commercial driver is a customer-delivery specialist. Each driver is the face seen daily by the customer and represents customer-service results at the point of delivery.

The modern professional driver must be results-driven, a problem-solver and one who welcomes change. He or she must always seek continuous improvement and increased efficiency. Each driver must be able to fully multitask, doing a mix of driving skills and people skills. Simultaneously, the same driver must practice a full regimen of safety-oriented principles to mitigate risks and neutralize threats to achieving positive results. […]

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Business model could lead to lawn care by subscription

The determination of property owners to maintain vast, beautifully manicured lawns has caught my eye.

The great number of trailers hauling lawn mowers on the roads makes it clear that outsourced lawn care is a significant business. But what motivates property owners when they contract a lawn-care provider?

There are two ways to see it: as a need for lawn mowing or as a desire for a beautiful lawn. Those who prefer the latter understand a lot about the subscription economy. Let me tell you how, and explain a bit about the subscription business model in the process. […]

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