Notes and Quotes for April 2019

By Mike Lewis
Work continues on R+L Carriers’ truck terminal at 12037 Greencastle Pike (Md. 63). According to Washington County, Md., records, the project includes a building that would house a 37,000-square-foot truck terminal plus 5,000 square feet of office space. Also on the property would be a 10,000-square-foot shop and diesel pumps. The site is west of Hagerstown, Md., between Interstate 70 and U.S. 40.

Things seen and overheard around the region last month, compiled by reporter Mike Lewis:

Leidos president to speak


FREDERICK, Md. — Dr. Ethan Dmitrovsky, director of the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research and president of Leidos Biomedical Research Inc., will deliver Hood College’s Commencement speech May 18.

Dmitrovsky leads a team of 2,200 scientists, health professionals and supporting staff members in the fight against cancer, AIDS and emerging infectious diseases.

He graduated from Harvard University and Cornell University Medical College and was an internal medicine resident at New York Hospital-Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and oncology fellow at the National Cancer Institute.

The Frederick National Laboratory is the only federally funded research and development center devoted entirely to the biomedical sciences. The facility is sponsored by the National Cancer Institute and operated by Leidos Biomedical Research Inc.

‘Great tomorrow’

“It’s not me. It’s really the people around me. … And Hagerstown is great. … Downtown is going to have a great tomorrow.”

— Mike Fitzgerald, founder of Gideon Properties, upon being named Young Professional of the Year at the Washington County Chamber of Commerce Business Awards

Where does your team rank?

Forbes’ list of the most valuable Major League Baseball teams of 2018:

1. New York Yankees:
$4 billion

2. Los Angeles Dodgers:
$3 billion

3. Chicago Cubs:
$2.9 billion

4. San Francisco Giants:
$2.85 billion

5. Boston Red Sox:
$2.8 billion

6. New York Mets:
$2.1 billion

7. St. Louis Cardinals:
$1.9 billion

8. Los Angeles Angels:
$1.8 billion

9. Philadelphia Phillies:
$1.7 billion

10. Washington Nationals:
$1.675 billion

11. Houston Astros:
$1.65 billion

12. Atlanta Braves:
$1.625 billion

13. Texas Rangers:
$1.6 billion

14. Chicago White Sox:
$1.5 billion

15. Seattle Mariners:
$1.45 billion

16. Toronto Blue Jays:
$1.35 billion

17. San Diego Padres:
$1.27 billion

18. Pittsburgh Pirates:
$1.26 billion

19. Detroit Tigers:
$1.225 billion

20. Arizona Diamondbacks:
$1.21 billion

21. Baltimore Orioles:
$1.2 billion

22. Minnesota Twins:
$1.15 billion

23. Colorado Rockies:
$1.1 billion

24. Cleveland Indians:
$1.045 billion

25. Milwaukee Brewers:
$1.03 billion

26. Oakland Athletics:
$1.02 billion

27. Kansas City Royals:
$1.015 billion

28. Cincinnati Reds:
$1.01 billion

29 Miami Marlins:
$1 billion

30. Tampa Bay Rays:
$900 million