Notes and quotes for February 2019

By Jennifer Fitch
Work continues on the new Jamison Door Co. production facility in the Wharf Road Industrial Park in Franklin County, Pa. The 112-year-old company, based in Hagerstown, Md., makes air doors, insulated doors, and high-speed, roll-up doors, specializing in doors for cold-storage businesses. With the company’s existing space for roll-up doors overflowing in Washington County, Md., Jamison decided to build the new facility. Thirty-five people will work at the new plant. The company also has additional locations in Hagerstown and near Williamsport.

Patent No. 100

FREDERICK, Md. — The United States Patent and Trademark Office has awarded Immatics Biotechnologies GmBH, a leading immunotherapy company, its 100th U.S. patent.

The announcement was made by McBee, Moore, Woodward and Vanik IP LLC (also known as MMWV Law), which has represented Immatics.

In a press release, Immatics indicated that its 100th patent (No. 10,143,731) demonstrates a significant achievement in innovation in the Life Sciences industry. Using the company’s XPRESIDENT technology, Immatics identified a peptide presented on the human leucocyte antigen, a key piece to the development of cancer immunotherapies.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to be on Immatics’ IP team for over 10 years,” said Susan McBee, managing partner of McBee, Moore, Woodward & Vanik IP LLC. “This is an exciting time, given all the developments in this technology space. We have developed an approach to sufficiently cover Immatics’ products and methods while still meeting the patentability requirements in the USA in an ever-changing field.”

Md. ranks high in tech economy preparedness

BALTIMORE — Maryland ranks among the top states for technology economy preparedness in a report recently released by the Milken Institute, according to a news release from the Maryland Department of Commerce.

The 2018 State Technology and Science Index, which is conducted every other year, ranked Maryland third in the nation for its ability to foster and sustain a technology sector, which is considered a major indicator in determining a state’s economic health. Overall, Maryland ranked in the top 10 in four out of five of the report’s key indexes, coming in first in the technology and science workforce category, and second in human capital investment and research and development inputs.

College degrees

Percentage of residents in 2017 who have at least a bachelor’s degree in the Crossroads Business Journal area:

• Frederick County, Md.: 40.5 percent

• Maryland average: 39.7 percent

• United States average: 32.0 percent

• Pennsylvania average: 31.4 percent

• Jefferson County, W.Va.: 30.5 percent

• Washington County, Md.: 21.5 percent

• Berkeley County, W.Va.: 20.7 percent

• Franklin County, Pa.: 20.6 percent

• West Virginia average: 20.2 percent

• Allegany County, Md.: 18.2 percent

• Morgan County, W.Va.: 18.0 percent

• Fulton County, Pa.: 13.5 percent

— StatsAmerica