Hagerstown Community College, Wilson sign agreement on transfers

Submitted photo
Hagerstown Community College President Jim Klauber and Wilson College President Barbara K. Mistick post at the signing ceremony for a new agreement between the two institutions.

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. — Wilson College and Hagerstown Community College have reached an agreement guaranteeing qualified HCC students admission to Wilson bachelor’s degree programs and allowing them to transfer all credits earned with a grade of C or higher.

The dual admission and articulation agreement, officially signed by college officials at a ceremony on Wilson’s campus, offers HCC associate-degree graduates additional advantages, including receiving full junior status at Wilson if they transfer 60 credits, as well as having Wilson’s admission fee waived. Qualified HCC students will also receive coordinated academic advising by both colleges to ensure that they take courses that can be applied to their bachelor’s degree.

The goal is to encourage more HCC graduates to pursue bachelor’s degrees by making the transition as smooth and economical as possible.

To qualify for a Wilson bachelor’s degree pathway under the dual admission agreement, HCC students must graduate with an associate degree with a minimum, cumulative grade-point average of 2.0, and they must have submitted an intent form upon completing 30 credits at HCC. Students may transfer to Wilson a maximum of 72 credits earned at HCC.