Fulton County hospital acquires radiology screener

McCONNELLSBURG, Pa.. — The Fulton County Medical Center Foundation recently purchased a Ferroguard Screener for the medical center’s radiology department.

The Ferroguard Screener helps technicians find small metal objects that the patient may have forgotten about, such as hearing aids, bobby pins and the like.

It is vital that no ferrous magnetic objects are taken into a MRI room. The items can become highly dangerous projectile objects that can harm the patient or staff and damage the equipment.

Additionally, ferrous metal on a patient causes image distortion on the MRI scan resulting in wasted time and costly re-scans. 

“This piece of equipment was made possible through our annual fund gifts — those who are members of the Green Hill Donors Club,” said Mike Straley, executive director of the FCMC Foundation.