Jerr-Dan, JLG hands over $20,000 prize to Reach of Washington County

By Janet Heim
Reach of Washington County was the recipient of a $20,000 check JLG and Jerr-Dan received, the overall award for the annual Oshkosh Excellence Award. It was the first time the award was presented for a community effort, instead of a company project. From left, are Emma McTague, Frank Nerenhausen, Jeannie Asbury and Dana Jenkins of Reach, Marina Kearney and Melissa Lutz.

HAGERSTOWN, Md. — JLG Industries Inc. and Jerr-Dan in Hagerstown, both Oshkosh Corp. companies, won $20,000 as the overall winner in the annual Oshkosh Excellence Award.

The award highlights employees and teams who are making a difference, either for the company or the community, in an employee competition for companywide recognition.

This is the first time a community project received the overall award, said Frank Nerenhausen, the president of JLG and Jerr-Dan.

JLG and Jerr-Dan chose Reach of Washington County, a nonprofit organization that helps homeless people, to receive the prize money.

“We were jumping up and down. We can help more people,” Dana Jenkins, the executive director of Reach, said of the donation.

“They are huge supporters of Reach and volunteer at the shelter,” Jenkins said.

About 20 company employees volunteered at the shelter in March.

“It really opens the eyes of our employees,” said Melissa Lutz, the manager of global communications and community engagement for JLG.

There were about 1,500 submissions in the Oshkosh competition.

“The philosophy of our company is there is a strong connection between the good work our employees give to the company and a connection to the community,” Nerenhausen said.