3 Roads provides distribution to Amazon Prime

FREDERICK, Md. — 3 Roads Communications has opened up distribution of content — such as television and web series, documentaries, original films and other video products — created by content creators to Amazon Prime.

“We are thrilled that we are able to offer these same services that we enjoy to all content owners,” Russ Hodge, president of 3 Roads, said in a news release. “It allows producers to receive a steady stream of income on a monthly basis for products that are just sitting on a shelf.”

Creators and owners of video products now have the opportunity to monetize their content on Amazon Prime through 3 Roads at no cost. This arrangement is non-exclusive, which means that creators and owners can also distribute their video products through other streaming services.

There are some basic rules, according to the release. Among other requirements, the program must be closed-captioned, and underwriter credits and sponsor messages must be removed

Video products are already being distributed by 3 Roads through Amazon Prime include “Trains of America,” “The Civil War Reenacted,” “Dinner for Hire with Chef Bernard,” “Chasing Taste” and “Heart Child.” 

“3 Roads has been producing series, documentaries and pledge programs for television distribution for more than 20 years,” Hodge said. “We know the importance of continuing to monetize content.”

For more information, visit 3roads.com/services/amazon-prime-distribution or contact Hodge at russ.hodge@3roads.com, (301) 662-4121.