Hagerstown tech firm d’Vinci receives awards

HAGERSTOWN, Md. — In the past few months, d’Vinci Interactive of Hagerstown has received three awards for its work.

The Davey Awards recently recognized d’Vinci Interactive for exceptional online training for the PA Chiefs of Police Association and The National Library of Medicine’s AIDS Community Information Outreach Program.

Working with the Keystone Crisis Intervention Team, d’Vinci created the “Responding to Victims of Trauma” course to teach officers to better assist victims of trauma. Within the eLearning course, officers are given scenarios to help them recognize the physical and mental signs of trauma and how to communicate with the victims. After the three modules, officers understand trauma, how people react to it and the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

As part of a National Library of Medicine grant-funded project, d’Vinci developed four interactive eLearning courses and assessment tools in partnership with POZ, an award-winning print and online information source for people living with and affected by AIDS.

The scenario-based modules cover HIV/AIDS risks, testing and prevention, what to do when newly diagnosed, and aging topics. A self-assessment survey and links to additional resources add to the educational experience.

The Davey Awards honors the best in web, design, video, advertising, mobile and social from agencies worldwide.

The Parents’ Choice Awards recognized d’Vinci Interactive and PBS LearningMedia with a top award for the online educational experience, the Electoral Decoder.

The Electoral Decoder teaches middle- and high-school students about how the Electoral College affects presidential elections. The learning experience features a video about the election process, an interactive timeline with results from past Presidential elections and a cartogram representing the electoral power of each state. The Presidential Predictor tool enables students to select who they think would win each state and predict who would win the election.

New information and resources are available to make the learning experience relevant to the current political climate.

d’Vinci created both the Electoral Decoder and the Presidential Interactive Map as part of the PBS LearningMedia Election Central microsite.

The Videographer Awards has recognized the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police and d’Vinci Interactive for its use of video in training officers how to respond to veterans in crisis. Through poignant video interviews, veterans provide firsthand accounts of their experiences to give police officers insights and suggestions when intervening with vets whose distress may lead to crisis situations.

Each module of the eLearning course includes interviews with a combat veteran and a police chief who is also a veteran. The course provides tactical training to aid the officers in deescalating crisis situations. Police officers access this course and hundreds of hours of online training through the Pennsylvania Virtual Training Network.

PAVTN was developed using d’Vinci’s ecoLearn learning management system. Administrators use ecoLearn to facilitate learning by managing registration, modifying website content, emailing learners, and running reports. With ecoLearn, learners can see available training, access their profiles, and print transcripts and certificates. Officers receive Continuing Law Enforcement Education credits with the Municipal Police Officers’ Training and Education Commission.