CyberMaryland set for Oct. 11-12

Some of the nation’s leading cybersecurity experts are scheduled to speak at the CyberMaryland Conference Oct. 11 and 12 at the Baltimore Convention Center.

David Powell, the conference chairman, said computer and data security is increasingly important to all organizations.

“A couple of years ago the conversation moved from the server room to the board room,” he said.

Given the number of online devices and variety of users, he said, “Everything is basically attackable.”

The convention will feature speakers and panel discussions, as well as opportunities to check out new developments in cyber security.

Among the speakers will be Brett Kelsey, vice president and chief technical strategist for the Americas for McAfee, and Brett T. Williams, a retired Air Force major general and president of the operations, training and security division of IronNet Cybersecurity.

The conference focus won’t be limited to high-tech devices and complicated computer codes. Powell said there’ll be information for business leaders and others.

“The conference itself is made up of a lot of different audiences,” he added.

And the conference will address more than how to avoid massive — and sometimes much publicized — data breaches.

“It also opens up a very nice business model for companies who are able to handle it or do the work,” he said.

So business leaders at the conference might be looking for help in securing their data, or they could be looking for customers who need their security services.

“In Maryland, we want both sides of that equation to be robust,”Powell said.

There topics will dive into human resources as well.

“The biggest threat out there is the human element,” Powell said.

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