Letterkenny Army Depot celebrates 75th year

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. — Letterkenny Army Depot’s outgoing commander wants the world to know “baby is all grown up” as the Chambersburg depot marks its 75th year.

The depot’s 3,200 employees received a commemorative coin this summer at an event celebrating the depot’s efforts to keep the military war-ready.

Designed by employee Danny Kissel, the coin loosely reflects a promotional poster from the 1940s that featured a baby riding a bomb toward Nazi-occupied Germany.

The new design depicts that baby as an angel launching a missile.

“We wanted to come up with something that says: ‘Baby is all grown up,’” Col. Deacon Maddox said.

Letterkenny Army Depot represents a $300 million annual economic impact in Franklin County, Pa. It maintains rockets and missiles, and builds and develops road-clearance vehicles such as the RG31.

Maddox served as commander until Aug. 11, when he was succeeded by Col. Stephen Ledbetter.

Maddox noted the potential of future conflicts in his remarks to workers and dignitaries at a June 17 picnic.

— Jennifer Fitch