Shenandoah University

WINCHESTER, Va. — Shenandoah University and Wesley Theological Seminary, both affiliated with the United Methodist Church, have again partnered to benefit the church and young leadership coming through their ranks. An agreement between Shenandoah and Wesley offers a streamlined approach for those who feel a call to leading the church and faith-based nonprofits from both a clergy and lay perspective.

A 3+3 fast-track agreement will allow Shenandoah University undergraduate students to forgo their senior year and take classes at Wesley Theological Seminary instead. The credits will then transfer back to Shenandoah as electives. The program will begin in Fall 2018.

Shenandoah already offers fast-track approaches from undergraduate to graduate programs as evidenced in several pre-health to professional degree programs. For example, qualified students who seek to become physical therapists or pharmacists can come to Shenandoah to do their undergraduate work and then matriculate into graduate programs after their junior years, before four years of undergraduate work have been completed.