Barbara Ingram School for the Arts Foundation

The Barbara Ingram School for the Arts Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of one new board member, Timothy Johnston, vice president M&T Bank, senior branch manager at the Dual Highway Office, and two Honorary Advisory Board members: Joseph Marschner and Brad Pingrey.

The Board currently consists of 20 members: Erin Anderson, Mary Anne Burke, Ranelle Flurie, Sarah Gamerman, Cynthia Garland, Karen Giffin, Heather Guessford, Stephen Hummel, James Jenkins, Timothy Johnston, Dr. Ron Keyser, Kelsey Lorman, Alfred Martin, Kelsi Palmer, Cynthia Perini, Kim Richardson, Randy Scott, Mary Helen Strauch, Susan Wood and Angela Youngblood. The Honorary Advisory Board includes William Alexander, Katie Groh Fitzsimmons, Jospeh Marschner, Brad Pingrey, Theron Rinehart and Elizabeth Schulze.

The 2017-19 officers are as follows: Wood, president; Giffin, vice president; Palmer, secretary; Johnston, treasurer; and Martin, past president.