Md. high, W.Va. low in economic analysis

Maryland and Virginia fared well, Pennsylvania fell somewhere in the middle and West Virginia brought up the rear in a recent WalletHub analysis of the best and worst state economies.

WalletHub’s analysts compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia using 27 indicators of economic performance and strength.

Washington state came out on top in the WalletHub report. Maryland ranked ninth, Virginia 13th, Pennsylvania 30th and West Virginia 51st.

Diving into the details of the report, Maryland ranked No. 1 in annual median household income. It was eighth in the percentage of jobs in high-tech industries and 20th in startup activity.

Pennsylvania’s best marks came in nonfarm research and development investment, expressed as a percentage of GDP. It was fifth in that category. It ranked 10th in the share of the population lacking health insurance.

West Virginia’s best ratings came in unfunded pension plans per capita, ranking 11th, and for government surplus/deficit per capita, placing 18th.

Virginia received good marks for having few foreclosures, ranking second, and for the educational attainment of recent migrants from other states, ranking third.