Celebrating your business

Thanks for perusing the first edition of the Crossroads Business Journal.

Our aim, as stated on the front page, is simple: To celebrate the vibrant businesses and industries in our region — roughly from Winchester, Va., to Shippensburg, Pa., and from Cumberland, Md., to Frederick, Md.

Those are diverse and distinct communities, of course, with economic strengths and challenges of their own. But they are linked by critical connections, not least of which are interstate highways.

You do business here, so you know companies depend upon people in the region for their workforce and their customers. You know that colleges and universities depend upon people in the region for their staffs and their students.

You probably know what it’s like to deal with two, three and sometimes four different states and the regulations they impose. You probably know what it’s like to be stuck — or have your vital supplies or resources stuck — on Interstate 70 or Interstate 81, costing you time and money.

You know what it’s like to face the opportunities and challenges of technology, to adapt to customers’ changing expectations and to ride the waves of the financial sector.

We’ve designed Crossroads Business Journal with you in mind.

We’ll let you know what your peers are doing and what opportunities could be on the horizon. We’ll invite some business newsmakers to tell you, in their own words, what they’re up to and how they’ve overcome challenges. We’ll share data, statistics and viewpoints that we hope you’ll find interesting, useful and profitable.

Like all business ventures, this journal is a work in progress, beginning with the monthly publication of Crossroads Business Journal. We’ll also be sending out tailored emails with news and information you’ll want to know at the beginning and end of each workweek.

And, like all business ventures, we want to serve our customers well.

For suggestions about content, contact Editor Joseph Deinlein at news@crossroadsbizjournal.com.

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