Chiropractic & Massage Center relocates to add acupuncture

Name of business: Chiropractic & Massage Center of Hagerstown

Owners: Marc Gamerman, doctor of chiropractic; Aimèe Grahe, licensed massage therapist; Susan Lundquist, licensed massage therapist

Address: 89 W. Lee St., Hagerstown, MD 21740

Opening date: Moved to new location Sept. 1

Products and services: Chiropractic treatment; massage therapy including, but not limited to, deep tissue massage, prenatal massage, Swedish massage; nutrition, diet and lifestyle education; exercise; vitamins and supplements; soon to be offering acupuncture.

Target market: Everyone. We treat patients of any age — infants, children, adults; athletes of all types — dancers, cyclists, runners, weight lifters and so on.

How did you get into your business, and what motivated you to start it?: After 32 years of continued practice and growth, we needed more space to accommodate the addition of acupuncture to our practice. Downtown on the new Cultural Trail was a fabulous way to help the Downtown Revitalization Program.

Previous business experience: Marc Gamerman has 32 years of experience as a chiropractor; Susan Lundquist and Aimèe Grahe each have more than 14 years of experience as licensed massage therapists, as well as nursing backgrounds; Grahe is currently in school for acupuncture and anticipates offering that additional treatment to patients starting this summer.

Number of employees: Five total

Hours: Monday through Friday, by appointment only

Phone number: 301-797-3737



Facebook page: Search Chiropractic & Massage Center of Hagerstown

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